ARCANA ar·ca·na /ärˈkānə/ 


  1. mysterious or specialized knowledge, language, or information accessible or possessed only by the initiate

ARCANA is the design platform for a metal & wood fabrication studio based in Ridgewood, Queens founded by Dustin John.  ARCANA produces contemporary furniture and lighting objects with an otherworldly charm, gems with a futuristic narrative.  All products are produced in house by a team of dedicated crafspeople under attentive eyes with skilled hands.

Dustin’s exploration of materials and form for the Element Collection draws from an architectural design background and a fascination with the fabrication process.  Years of metal and wood fabrication experience lay the groundwork for the collection and the design process for each of pieces.  The angular planes of each of the pieces harmonize the oblique through symmetry and structure, solid and void. Each becomes a statement of monumental presence at an approachable human scale.